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ASEPTICA International Corporation (I.C.Aseptica LLC) was founded in 1999 and is one of the biggest in Europe manufacturers of medical, hygienic and cosmetic single-packed goods. The manufacture of I.C.Aspetica is fitted with modern highly efficient filling-and-packaging and cosmetic equipment of European manufacturing, and is permanently modernized. The productive capacities allow manufacturing more than 700 mln units of products per year and assuring not only own needs of the company but also supporting Private Label of their customers among which there are the biggest federal representatives of retail, pharmacy networks, international restaurant networks and fast-food networks, air companies (Aeroflot, S7 Airlines), cosmetic companies, including a international cosmetic giants of L’Oreal and Unilever.



Modern European equipment to manufacture and package the products is placed on 5,000 square meters of the company’s manufacturing workshops:


Perfect Pack Beta 500 и Perfect Pack Beta 360 – filling-and-packaging automated complexes of last generation (Italy)


EnFlex (F14 – F17D) — 8 filling-and-packaging lines (Spain)

Laudenberg — filling-and-packaging line (Germany)

ALS 206LH — automated labeling applicator

ID-LB-MI-MA-PSS-01-RSS-S1 – filling and capping lines

RT-UM-GSH-SERVO – high-speed multi-purpose packing machines

OMAG CSD/5 are automatic computerized stick-pack packaging lines (Italy)

MAG 250 XD and RT-UM-GSh-450-2-Servo are high-speed machines for packaging a broad range of articles (towels, napkins, hand kerchiefs, soap, industrial parts etc.) in flow-packs – flat triple-seam rectangular bags made of thermally weldable film;

DK-220/DK-350 are dual-drive automated horizontal thermal packaging machines designed to handle preformed kits.


Besides modern filling-and-packaging equipment, the manufacture of I.C.Aseptica is fitted with ultra-modern homomixer Vacumix VHM500 (Germany), designed to produce a wide range of homogeneous substances (creams, gels, ointments etc) including one of the most difficult in manufacturing products – emulsion systems.

The total volume of the homomixer container is 600 l. It is fitted with a powerful mixer allowing achieving a high level of homogenization of ingredients being mixed.

Manufacturing processes of the homomixer are completely automated, which excludes the human factor influence, and the software allows thorough monitoring and controlling the manufacturing process and quality of the products at any time. All the data input are archived and always available for the check and control.

QUALITY (Approach to quality, standards, certification, Quality Management System)


The top management of ASEPTICA International Corporation (I.C.Aseptica LLC) set a course for total quality control aimed at permanent enhancing three components: product quality and services of the company, quality of the process organization as well as staff qualification level.

With the purpose of enhancing the processes and products, and, correspondingly, increasing competitiveness, in ASEPTICA International Corporation (I.C.Aseptica LLC) there was developed, introduced and is successfully maintained a Quality Management System (QMS) on the basis of national standards of GOST R ISO 13485-2004 (GOST ISO 13485-2011) and GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (GOST ISO (9001-2011), which is confirmed with certificates.

Every year, starting from 2012, ASEPTICA International Corporation (I.C.Aseptica LLC) passes a voluntary certification with regard to conformity with the requirements of international standard of BRC for Consumer Products — a specialized standard establishing the requirements for manufacture and supplies of safe consumer goods of stable quality under private label brands of retailers, under the manufacturer’s brand or without a particular trademark.

Additionally to audits and inspectorial control on behalf of the certification centres, in ASEPTICA International Corporation (I.C.Aseptica LLC), with an established periodicity, there are held internal audits for establishing the conformance of the activity and results in the area of quality with the planned events, standard requirements and the requirements developed by the company itself. The internal audit results are subject to thorough analysis by top management to specify further ways of development.

In ASEPTICA International Corporation (I.C. Aseptica LLC) there was introduced a procedure allowing determining the competence level of all categories of the staff; there were developed and are being implemented training programs, including both internal preparation and attending different workshops, courses and trainings in the training centres.

Certified QMS, conformance of the manufacture with the international standards, as well as high staff qualification allows ASEPTICA International Corporation (I.C. Aseptica LLC) to provide stable manufacturing of qualitative safe products, as well as it enhances the trust of our consumers.



ASEPTICA International Corporation (I.C. Aseptica LLC) has a laboratory allowing performing all required researches with regard to the quality parameters control of incoming raw materials and products manufactured at any manufacturing stage, as well as the development of a wide range of cosmetic products.

The laboratory is fitted with modern equipment from leading manufacturers such as IKA, Brookfield, CAS etc.

To test cosmetic products there is also a range of special equipment, including the devices determining viscosity, density and syneresis of the products, thermal chambers to hold quick aging tests.

ASEPTICA International Corporation (I.C. Aseptica LLC) cooperates with the leading world’s manufacturers and suppliers of raw components for cosmetic industry: BASF, Dow Corning, Merck, LUBRIZOL, Kao Chemicals Europe, Fragrance Oils and many others; thereby, it has an opportunity to create unique products bringing the manufacturing technology on pilot equipment of miniVakumix (5 l) to perfection, and then manufacture the products in commercial volumes.




ASEPTICA International Corporation (I.C. Aseptica LLC) has own warehouse areas including a licensed pharmaceutical warehouse. The warehouse areas of I.C. Aseptica completely meet the requirements made while licensing for pharmaceutical product storage and has all required communications and technical parameters:

  • supply and extract fans,
  • fire alarm;
  • automated fire-fighting system,
  • dustless floor,
  • sanitary rooms,
  • temperature conditions

and required juridical base.




Company News Product catalog Cosmetic Products HoReCa Contract production Training Center Charity Contacts
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